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Quality Policy

The continuous search for perfection in its services, always promoting a excellent product for its client, is a fundamental strategic guiding principle of our organization. Thus, in addition to the CE marking, we have implemented a set of standards, guidelines and commitments related to quality, certified by a Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the standard NP EN ISO 9001


Recognition as a leader in its sector is a priority. As such, we closely monitors the evolution of the markets to be able to be side by side with the customer to provide an excellent service from the design phase to the execution and assembly.


In the last decade, one of the European Union's major stakes has been the issue of sustainable energy efficiency. AVB also followed this trend, having joined the SEEP - Energy Labeling System for Products, guaranteeing our customers that services and products comply with the most rigorous quality standards in the market.


And because customer satisfaction is always in first place, we have a fast and efficient after-sales service.


  • Integrity with principles, honesty and professionalism.

  • Teamwork with talent, commitment, motivation, efficiency and leadership.

  • Customer orientation, creating value, partnerships, innovation, creativity and excellence.

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